The inspiration of art has always been one of the most complex psychological problems, nor has ever been able to find a possible acceptable explanation; thinking then about how the light of inspiration manifests on the artist and the absurd way in which the artist can find a form to achieve it.

The theme of music retains a central role in the paintings of Francesco Mancarella, highlighting the inspiration and the clash between the thought and the symbiotic duality nature against nature.
In his works, there is a matching between the musical compositional skills and the translation of them on the same canvas, between the free travel of the notes and the ability to enclose them in fragmentation of color, in a kind of multiethnic and exclusively artistic thought.

He offers through the painting piano, the concept of “Now i see”, an audiovisual project, a kind of commonality in which the musical arts can be put in close relation with the visual world; as a way to show up the consciousness of everyone through this tool, highlight their splashes of interior colors manifesting themselves completely.

In this case, music makes the canvas being itself strongly influenced and inspired by the second one, creating an osmotic relationship that unifies the two arts in a unique artistic inseparable artwork for people like Francesco Mancarella, that found in their own creations the inspiration of life.