NOW I SEE started in the end of 2013 thanks to two young Italian guys.
Francesco Maria Mancarella, young musician and composer, had the idea many months before, but onlu thanks to the help of Antonio Greco, musician and designer of the project, this idea became real at the beginning of 2014.
But what it really is? It is the name of the project, and it can be summarized as ” the painting paino”.
It is the unique paino in the world, without strings and back panel, that can emit sounds( thanks to a digital sylent system) and paint on a real canvas at the same time, making unique artworks.
The final result are unique artworks made by original songs and painted canvasses strongly tied eachother, artwork that only this instruments can create.
Buyers become owner of unique artworks made by original music and painted canvas.
Each of these is tied to a story, a thought, an experience.
Every artwork has a QR code that allow to immediately listen to the original song tied to the canvas using modern devices as smartphones and tablets.

Up to now
The first official exhibit was in May 2014 in LEcce at Art Gallery F.Foresta.
The event set up to promote the project had a great success and during it more the 1000 people had the chance to see the painting piano and all the artworks made by it.
The project also got many positive critics and many articles on newspapers.

After this event, NOWISEE got hosted in some important musical events as “Gran Galà Della Cultura 2014″ in which shared the stage with famous artists as Sebastiano Somma, Maurizio Casagrande, Sandra Milo etc.

In July 2014 the project was hosted in a prestigious hotel Le Dune Resort and after this in a important event EXPO ITM 2014.
The greatest success arrived in October 2014, because the project was invited to take part in one of the most important musical events in Italy: MEDIMEX that this year had as guests stars Vasco Rossi, Max Gazzè, Nicolò Fabi, Giorgia etc.
Also in this event the project got many positive critics and articles.

NOW I SEE got articles on famous Italian newspapers as: Millionaire, Corriere Innovazione (inserto Corriere della sera), Euro Arte, Quotidiano, Gazzetta del mezzogiorno, DiTutto ecc..